Folding Carton Styles – The Standard Box Types Explained


Folding Carton Styles – The Standard Box Types Explained
The world of boxes is vast and varied, but if you’re new to the game, there’s no need for confusion. You have your choice between straight tuck boxes or reverse-tucked ones; 1-2 -3 auto lockers as well 5-panel options that will keep things safe inside!

What is Folding Carton?
Foldable cardboard has been around since the late 19th century! It’s called a “folding carton,” referring to boxes made from paperboard. When constructed, these are shipped flat–they protect products or display them beautifully inside their container-shaped shells.
What is Paperboard?
Paperboard is a paper-based material that can be easily cut and formed to create the needed packaging. Four different types are offered at Prime pack supplies in Dallas, including metallic kraft boards with various extras available for purchase separately on their website!
What is Kraft paperboard?
Kraft paperboard is a renewable, sustainable material that can be used for all sorts of things like packaging. White or black, depending on what you would prefer it to look like-kraft folding cartons have been around since at least 1887. When they were first invented by Charles Fenerty, who called them “chipboards” because he thought there was something similar about their surface appearance with pieces resembling small blocks from wood Structure. They’re made out of 100% post-consumer recycled papers, and each style we create here entails one type only, so choose wisely!
What is cutting die?
A cutting die is a metal tool that cuts out the box shape from paper, like cookie cutters. Besides our 2000+ library of pre-made templates and designs available free online at any time or request, one custom- made how you imagine it! We print everything with excellence, so all your hopes are guaranteed delivered right on schedule no matter what kind – whether giving away treats during Halloween parties; storing toys before Santa arrives; or displaying presents under tree skirts around homes.

Different types of folding cartons:
Paperboard folding cartons:

Paperboard boxes are made of single-layered paper and can be used for retail or industrial purposes. These types come in many different sizes, shapes, colors – whatever your needs! If you’re looking to get started with shipping supplies, check out our selection today at Dallas in Prime Pack supplies store. 

Corrugated folding cartons:
Corrugated folding cartons are the perfect choice for shipping. Made with three layers of cardboard paper, they have an inner ridged layer that provides superior strength to ensure your items stay safe during transport!

Folding Carton Style:
Boxes come in all shapes and sizes, but their style has in common. A box can be closed with a seal, or it might rely on an adhesive strip that you peel back before accessing your goods inside- no matter how different these methods may seem at first glance. However, there’s one thing every type has: The power to make any product stand out from its competitors!


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