Prime pack carries all the janitorial supplies for their customers at reasonable prices and offers fast shipping. Including dispensers, janitorial papers, tissue rolls, economy mops, hand cleaners, cleaners, sweepers, disinfectants, trash bags, gloves and much more! 

You can get best quality janitorial paper and tissue rolls for bathrooms and kitchens. Tissues with high absorption rate and sizes to fit all requirements and needs.

We bring the center pull tower dispenser that brings out one-two towels and light duty wipers in a strategically measured single sheet through a patented, self adjusting dispensing device. This practice is more healthy and avoid germs transferring. Users only touch the tissue or towel that comes out. Others remain safe. This also stops the wastage of tissues and towels and makes it super cost effective. They are easy to install and no need of battery for operation.

Contact our team at Prime Pack supplies, 2655 Manana Dr, Dallas, TX 75220 for the best janitorial papers and dispensers.



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