The impact of packaging on your customer


The way a brand presents itself is something which matters a lot these days. With a tons of brands emerging everyday online and physically, the individuality of a brand should not lose. Any brand or company should have a unique way of representing itself to make a place in customer’s mind. You can start with a name, logo, advertisements, catchphrase, theme and packaging.

We notice companies and brands coming up with such mind blown ideas everyday to keep their name alive and to circulate it on social media. They present funny ads, approach influencers and bloggers, launch a new product and what not. Sometimes they fail and sometimes they do make an impact.

But one thing, that is sure to have an affect on your customer’s hearts and minds is your packaging. This may sound not so convincing but trust the process. The day you start your own brand, you start looking for ideas to give an identity to your brand. Packaging can help you identify your brand and make it look unique and convey your message to your customers. Let’s see how packaging affects your business.

Good packaging affects your sale

What a customer expects?

When someone places a order the anticipation increases that day along with expectations. No matter how many online shopping a person does, the excitement remains same. The eyes will pop with same shine even at 100th time you are receiving your parcel. And your brand can take a big advantage of this psychology. You can always surprise your customer with a great product packed in a great safe packaging. You do not have to spend a lot of money in the start. You can simply design a unique package made of corrugated boxes, mailers of all types, envelopes etc. You can customize it according to your logo or brand message. If you do not have budget to do any of it, just invest in a safe packaging.

The steps behind effective Packaging

A safe packaging is the first step to effective packaging. The product that you are shipping you reach to the client safely, without any damage. This step is really crucial. If a customer receives a damaged product this destroys the mood and trust of your customer. They definitely get angry and will give a bad review about your brand. That one review can change the game of your sales. You might start to lose your customers. That same customer will most probably never buy from your company again and tell their friends to be careful about your brand. Even if the damage caused is not your fault, the blame will be on the name of your business. This is the least thing you will want to happen.

So, you will have to make sure the customer receives the product in best condition. For that purpose, you will have to make right choices. Choose different types of packaging for different sizes and materials. Not all products need corrugated boxes. You can use mailers or envelopes as well. To add extra protection, you can always add air bubble wraps, peanuts, crumpled paper inside the corrugated box. According to your product range, you can get customized boxes that can fit your products inside tightly.

Be Reasonable

You do not have to add too much plastic covering. This takes an eternity to unwrap it and feels exhausting. Make your packaging clear, simple and fast. Also, take care of your environment. With climate change awareness, people look for options that are bio-degradable and environment friendly. They approach businesses which offer recyclable , cruelty free packaging and products. Don’t go for too big boxes for small items. Do add your logo on the boxes.

Adding something extra

If you want your brand to look extra fancy you can always go for customization boxes and packaging. You can get your boxes customized with your color, patterns, logo, a kind line etc. You can customize everything including corrugated boxes, mailers, envelopes, tapes, labels. This gives a unique experience to your customer.

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