About our Supplies

Brands believe in attractive bags, packets, covers and many other accessories that carry their message around while giving them a boost. But these bags and packets are not only about promoting the brands in colourful manner but also let the customers carry the products home safely. To meet these two needs, brands pay a lot of attention to the packaging of their products to elevate and protect them.
Protection from damage is the key to success!
Opening a carfeully placed and packaged product is a treat to senses and leaves the receiver satisfied and happy. Damaged or spoilt items during a delivery is something every supplier and consumer fears and this fear leads to a substantial decline in business as the customers lose their trust in both the supplier and the deliverer.
When it comes to protection, packaging is the ultimate utensil that keeps goods safe all the way to the destination.
And when it comes to packaging, Primepack Supplies is the ultimate spot to get every thing that assures a secure transportation of products. Primepack Supplies is one of the leading providers of packaging supplies in Dallas, Texas supporting many businesses with quality packaging materials at great prices.
Primepack Supplies being a supplier of ease and convenience covers you when you are on the move, providing you the ultimate protection with its variety of poly & plastic bags, corrugated boxes, cushioning & foam, envelopes & mailers, strapping, stretch films, tapes, printed tapes & labels, janitorial & cleaning supplies, warehouse supplies & equipment etc.
Primepack Supplies is highly determined and committed to deliver value to its individual customers, retailers and commercial businesses with our dedicated team of packaging experts and customer care service to satisfy the demands. If you are looking for the best products and services at guaranteed low prices then Primepack Supplies is the right place for you! We promise you will have an excellent experience dealing with us, providing your stuff the perfectly reliable packaging that it needs for a relaxed and guarded carriage.

by PrimePack- CEO